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Top 5 most famous interior styles

What are the most popular styles for interior home furnishing?

Like its inhabitants, every home has a certain individuality and character, given by the interior. In order to feel as good as possible in your apartment or house, it is good for the style of furniture to be a mirror of you and your character.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most popular styles for home interior furnishings.

1. Modern style

It is important to note from the very beginning that "modern" and "contemporary" are two different interior styles. The modern style of interior design is defined by clean and simple color schemes, a welcoming feel and clean individual elements. Black and white dominate the color palette, often combined with some faded shades of blue, red and other primary colors.

The space is minimalistic in design with open floor plans. Focus falls on contrasting colors. The furniture used is functional and simple with clean lines. Natural lights play an essential role in modern style.

The main idea of modern style is to create simple and clean homes without unnecessary decorations. This format follows function, everything used in a modern home serves a practical purpose.

2. Minimalistic style

The minimalist interior style originated in Australia, where it is still common in many homes today. As the name suggests, this style emphasizes minimalism in all aspects of interior design, from simple furnishings to neutral color palettes. It is characterized by functional but not lavish accessories. Everything is simplified, simple and necessary. No excesses.

3. Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian interior style is a combination of different design styles that developed in the 20th century in the five Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Scandinavian style is associated with minimalist interior, practicality and clean design.

The simple but very functional spaces are very characteristic. What makes it different from minimalist design is that the style emphasizes accessibility, not just necessity.

Most decor elements are bare ornaments, rounded furniture, organic and clean details, and dominant black and white color palettes. It is often called a combination of minimalism and mid-century styles.

4. Shabby chic

The shabby chic style is characterized by a sense of calm, which is achieved through ethereal lighting fixtures and antique furniture and accessories. It is mostly inspired by vintage charm but has a new and clean feel. This effect is achieved by using elements that look old and worn, but are often new, that have been given the appearance of antiques by rubbing, peeling and other techniques.

5. Industrial style

Industrial style is a combination of style and utility. As the name suggests, an industrial-style home uses building materials that are usually hidden as an accent. Examples of industrial accents are bare brick walls, pipes and recycled materials. Homes in this style can find elements selected from factories, industries or warehouses.

These homes typically have open floor plans and furniture is arranged to break up the space. This is one of the easiest interior design styles to implement as it relies on a neutral color palette and materials along with some industrial elements.


Naturally, there are many other styles that, with their charm and unconventionality, can create the ideal environment in which one would feel truly at home, but these 5 interior styles are among the most popular at the moment.

In which style would you furnish your home?


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