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Established in 1994 CHAR Ltd is part of the contemporary Bulgarian market economy. Over the years, the company has managed to establish its image and has become synonym of high quality among customers!

For twenty-nine years CHAR developed loads of designs and equipped more than 700 hotels, 320 restaurants, 30 clubhouses and over 8,600 homes. The company is constantly renewing and enriching its product base with new fabrics imported from leading factories in Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, South Korea, India and China. It has modern showrooms where customers can see a wide selection of patterns, fabrics and designs. The stores where you can find our stock of fabrics are located in Burgas and Sofia.

CHAR has its own production, warehouse base with over 700,000 meters of textiles, huge production capacity to make thick/thin curtains, blackouts, bedspreads, bed linen, cushions, lightweight duvets, blankets and more.

CHAR's team of designers and textile engineers design individual interior solutions, textiles, designer and/or customer-specific designs.

The production capacity of CHAR is able to satisfy every desire and need - even of the largest corporate customers, demanding that their orders be fulfilled in impossibly short terms!

хотелско оборудван
Хотелско Обзавеждане
Хотелско Обзавеждан
CHAR's team
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