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Interior trends - winter 2022

Cold wind, early morning frost, foggy weather and freezing cold are a daily reminder of the arrival of frosty winter.

But with the onset of winter come family holidays and the weather makes us want to spend more time at home with our loved ones.

That's why we at CHAR have prepared for you several easy and budget-friendly ways to renovate your home according to the interior trends for winter 2022, which will turn your home into the coziest place to spend the frosty winter days and warm family holidays.

Romantic details

Do you remember spending Christmas at grandma's house? The smell of the feasts she prepared, of the wood burning in the fireplace, of carefreeness and peace? It is precisely this nostalgia that leads this interior trend in 2022. The patterns and materials that were characteristic of our grandmothers' homes are back in fashion. Ruffles, pleats and polka dots are perfect for incorporating this trend into your home. They are suitable for everything - from curtains, tablecloths and decorative pillows are just some of the many places that are suitable for infusing a nostalgic note.

Leather elements

What is rich, neutral, earthy, traditional and modern at the same time? Leather! This winter is predicted to see an increased use of genuine and eco leather in both interior design and fashion. A budget-friendly way to bring leather elements into the home is to visit an antique or thrift store, where salvaged accessories are often found at affordable prices.

Earthy elements and colors

As already mentioned, winter brings nostalgia for the warm months when nature is in its prime. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's trendy to "embrace nature" at home. This can be achieved by using earthy elements and colors such as rich browns, beiges, dark greens, etc. In this way, you will bring coziness to your home, which will contrast with the snow-white-gray view from the window.


Come and see CHAR's new winter collections in our stores in Burgas (61 "Hristo Botev" St.) and Sofia (111 "Vasil Levski" Blvd.), with which you can refresh the interior of your home and transform it in a cozy place where you can spend the cold winter months.


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