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Natural fabrics - convenience and comfort in the summer

What are the most suitable fabrics for clothing to ensure comfort and convenience in the summer?

Summer is here with the smell of sea breezes and the sound of white seagulls, but it also brings with it the hottest days of the year. Unfortunately, few can spend the hot summer days in a bathing suit, and most of us have to wear clothes suitable for the workplace. But these clothes are usually covered in sweat stains before we reach the workplace, where the air conditioner or the draft from the open windows normalizes the temperature. But despite the normalized temperature, the discomfort of sweat stains on shirts and blouses and the fear of spreading an unpleasant odor remain.

Often, the reason for our rapid sweating in our clothes is not only the high temperature outside, but also the material from which the garment is made. In stores, most often the clothes are made from synthetic materials such as polyester and polyamide, which do not allow the skin to breathe, which leads to our sweating. Of course, you can also find clothes made from natural materials in the malls, but some are far more suitable for summer than others.

Therefore, in this article we will share which are the most suitable natural fabrics that keep cool and allow the skin to breathe even during the hottest summer days.

1. Cotton

In the first place is the most preferred material for clothes - cotton. One of its main advantages is that it not only allows the skin to breathe, but also absorbs sweat. Cotton is also very suitable for people with sensitive and irritable skin. The only thing to keep in mind when washing cotton clothes is that they can shrink, so it is advisable not to wash them at high temperature and never put them in the dryer.

2. Bamboo

Another extremely suitable material for summer is bamboo. In addition to its lightness, silky softness and ability to absorb moisture, bamboo has antibacterial properties. Thanks to them, the bamboo fabric repels all kinds of bacteria and insects and does not allow the development of microbes.

3. Georgette

The next addition to the list is a less well-known fabric - georgette. It is a thin summer fabric, distinguished by its lightness and tenderness. Its light transparency and gentle fall of the fabric make it an extremely elegant fabric that deserves a worthy place in your summer wardrobe. There are different types of georgette with threads of silk, linen or cotton.

4. Linen

Naturally, the oldest textile ranks among the most suitable materials for warm weather. Although linen is stiffer than cotton and crumples much more easily, it is the most breathable fabric and is even thought to reduce body temperature and keep you cool. It is precisely because of these properties of the material that linen clothes are always in fashion in the summer collections of world designers.

5. Natural silk

The next fabric we recommend is natural silk. With its lightness, tenderness, softness and airiness, it not only looks incredibly good as a summer garment, but also keeps you cool as linen. It is enough to have even a small percentage of silk in the composition of the garment to benefit from the great look and properties of this fabric.

6. Cold wool

Unlike standard wool, cold wool is made of fine wool fibers that have insulating properties and do not allow heat to enter. In this way, you will be protected from the hot air and scorching sun rays. A large part of formal costumes and roles are made of this fabric.

Which materials do you prefer in the summer?


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