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Interior trends - summer 2022

With the arrival of the new summer season comes the time not only for vacations, but also for renovations at home. CHAR's team has prepared for you several easy and budget-friendly ways to refresh your home according to the interior trends for summer 2022.


In 2022, various patterns - floral, geometric, etc. - will be in fashion in the interior. Especially often we will see curtains, blinds and decorative pillows with multi-colored designs and patterns. Since they play a key role in the decoration of a room and can give an entire room a whole new feel, we put them at the top of our list of ways to freshen up your home.

Everything in Very Peri color

Already at the beginning of the year, Pantone, the global authority in the field of colors, announced the color Very Peri as the official color of 2022. That's why everything in this greenish-blue shade with a vibrant violet-red hue is on trend. If you can't decide on a color to bring your home to life, you can confidently trust Pantone and integrate this year's color into your interior.

Accent elements

A room can be completely transformed by adding one or more accent pieces. Ceramics, a dramatic lamp, modern art, decorative paneling or even a few small cushions will make your home worthy of an interior magazine photo.

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